a small red fleshy swelling. The lacrimal caruncle is the red prominence at the inner angle of the eye. Hymenal caruncles occur around the mucous membrane lining the vaginal opening.

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  • Caruncle — (Latin: caruncula wart ) may refer to: *In botany, an elaiosome (fleshy structure attached to the seed), especially in the plant family Euphorbiaceae *In animal anatomy: **prostomium, the sensory organ of Annelid worms **the wattle (anatomy) or… …   Wikipedia

  • caruncle — [kar′uŋ΄kəl, kə ruŋ′kəl] n. [obs. Fr caruncle < L caruncula, dim. of caro: see HARVEST] 1. an outgrowth of flesh, as the comb and wattles of a fowl 2. an outgrowth of an outer seed coat at or near the hilum caruncular [kə ruŋ′kyo͞o lər, kə… …   English World dictionary

  • Caruncle — Car un*cle, ||Caruncula Ca*run cu*la, n. [L. caruncula a little piece of flesh, dim. of caro flesh.] 1. (Anat.) A small fleshy prominence or excrescence; especially the small, reddish body, the caruncula lacrymalis, in the inner angle of the eye …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • caruncle — A small, fleshy protuberance, or any structure suggesting such a shape. SYN: caruncula (1) [TA]. lacrimal c. [TA] a small reddish body at the medial angle of the eye, containing modified sebaceous and sweat glands. SYN: caruncula lacrimalis [TA] …   Medical dictionary

  • caruncle — noun Etymology: obsolete French caruncule, from Latin caruncula little piece of flesh, diminutive of caro flesh more at carnal Date: 1615 1. a naked fleshy outgrowth (as a bird s wattle) 2. an outgrowth on a seed adjacent to the micropyle …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • caruncle — a fleshy superficial outgrowth or knob. The modified dorsal fin rays in Ceratiidae are called caruncles …   Dictionary of ichthyology

  • caruncle — n. [L. dim. caro, flesh] 1. A fleshy excrescence or protuberance. 2. (ANNELIDA) A sensory lobe extending behind the prostomium. 3. (ARTHROPODA: Chelicerata) In Acari, a basal expansion on the tarsus that forms a sucker …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

  • caruncle — caruncular /keuh rung kyeuh leuhr/, carunculous, adj. /kar ung keuhl, keuh rung /, n. 1. Bot. a protuberance at or surrounding the hilum of a seed. 2. Zool. a fleshy excrescence, as on the head of a bird; a fowl s comb. 3. Anat. a small, fleshy… …   Universalium

  • caruncle — noun a) A small, fleshy excrescence that is a normal part of an animals anatomy b) A similar excrescence near the hilum of some seeds Syn: elaiosome …   Wiktionary

  • caruncle — n. fleshy growth (i.e. comb of a chicken) …   English contemporary dictionary

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